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Student Management

  • Handling admissions.
  • Handling deposits and writing receipts.
  • Carry out follow-up calls to classroom absentee students, impart compulsory information to students.
  • Conducting classroom feedbacks on faculty performance for the allotted batches.
  • Interact with students and work towards raising the satisfaction level and better student relationship.
  • Visits to the classroom venues to monitor academic activities and ensure smooth conduction of classes.
  • Managing Guest lecturers.
  • Interpersonal communication and counseling of students before and after joining.
  • Approaching current students and counseling them on renewing or upgrading their registration.

Human Resources

  • Maintenance of attendance, ensuring punctuality, discipline etc.
  • Assistance in recruitment.
  • Acts as a link between faculty and management.
  • Acts as a link between students and management.
  • Assist in organizing Induction and training program to new employees.


  • Will be handling calls, enquiries, Front Office, Correspondence.
  • Handle the entire administration and day to day management of the centre.
  • Responsible for opening and closing duties.
  • Generate reports, maintain files and records, etc.
  • Is responsible for maintaining all physical assets including computers.
  • Ensuring safety of employees and working conditions are safe
  • Ensures pantry and bathrooms are kept neat, clean and stocked with appropriate supplies.
  • Ensures knowledge of staff whereabouts and maintains accurate and complete sign-in/sign-out procedures for staff.
  • Maintaining Petty Cash Book and managing the peon

Assistance to the Directors

  • Organizing the MD appointment schedules.
  • Provide efficient & timely support to the MD.
  • Overall, provide efficient office admin & secretarial support for the company and reduce routine & admin activity burden from the MD.


  • Excellent communication skills
  • Confident
  • Presentable
  • Dynamic personality
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office
  • Having self initiative